Senior Mechanical Engineers

Title Senior Mechanical Engineers
Categories Supervision
Start Date 2017-09-26
End Date 2017-12-31
Job Information

The Senior Mechanical Engineers will be responsible for quality control, site engineering and supervision of works related to mechanical equipment, installations, insulation, piping, valves, site welding and instrumentation.


The Senior Mechanical Engineers will have Mechanical Engineers working under them so that together they can cover their respective areas of responsibilities pertaining to the entire project. Working throughout the construction period, the Senior Mechanical Engineers’ specific responsibilities will include:


  • Supervise the performance of the subcontractor and enforce the provisions of the contracts.
  • Inspect the material and advise regarding the approval of material.
  • Direct and supervise his engineers.
  • Perform final inspections and assist with the commissioning of completed mechanical systems.
  • Prepare required reports on mechanical activities.
  • Verify the contractor’s conformance to specifications and the quality of his work including the interpretation of radiographs.


They will also review:

  • Priorities of services work with the contractor.
  • Subcontractor’s progress billings and accept turn-over certificates upon successful completion of the work.
  • Services drawings as necessary with the intent of recommending and instituting on-site revisions and assist in approval of drawings from the statutory authorities.
  • Shop drawings and as-built drawings of equipment locations, piping runs and valves with mark ups as required.
  • Contractor’s inspection and test plans and welding procedures.


Deadline 2017-12-10
Department Supervision
Experience 15 year
Career Level Senior
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