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Central Bank of Kuwait Back up Office

Client   Central Bank of Kuwait

Architectural/Engineering Design(including FF & E) and Construction Supervision


KD 3.5 million

Data   10 storied building of 12,500 m2 housing the main Central Bank archives, storage, printing press and emergency support facilities
Completed 2008
Associate   None

Project Info

Project Info

This building serves as a back-up and support facility for the main offices of  the  Central  Bank  of  Kuwait  (CBK).

It houses the Bank’s central archives and storage areas (4 floors) and accommodates sufficient staff of all CBK departments to allow the Bank to function in the event of an emergency.

Sophisticated IT systems installations have been integrated in the design and three floors accommodate the back-up provisions necessary to keep the Central Bank’s computerised systems fully operational during emergencies.

A fully equipped printing press is located in the  basement. The building has a suite of offices and accommodates a total staff of 350, including upper management.

The  shape  of  the  building  has  been  determined  by the unusual geometry of the site. The building comprises 10 storeys, with a footprint and typical floor area of 990 m2.

In addition, it has one basement, which occupies 100% of the site.

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