Kuwait Sewerage Improvements Phase XII

Hadeyah and Riqqa
Client   Ministry of Public Works (via Burhan Contracting Company)
Services   Study & Full Engineering Design

KD 15.0 million

Data   60 km long Sewer Network
2004 (design)
Associate   Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH)

Project Info

Project Info

Gulf Consult in association with Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH), were appointed by the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) Sanitary Engineering Sector to undertake the Study, Design and Preparation of the Tender Documents for the Kuwait Sewage Improvement Phase XII for the Hadeeyah and Riqqa areas.

At present, the two areas drain to different catchments, Hadeyah to PS A15 and Riqqa to PS A14. Under the new drainage system of trunk sewers and pumping stations, both areas will be connected to the new Egaila Pumping Station.

The present sewerage network drains into the existing 1600 mm trunk sewer along the eastern boundary of Hadeyah which connects Ahmadi and Sabahiyah to PS A15. This trunk sewer is due to be renewed under phase VIII A and the replacement network for Hadeyah will be connected to the new trunk sewer.

The sewerage system presently is connected to a 600mm diameter line passing through Mahboula to the Coast Road and connects Riqqa to the existing coastal trunk sewer draining to PS A14.