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South Regional Road

Client   Ministry of Public Works

Study, Engineering Design and Construction Supervision


KD 300 million

Data   135 km of Highway,
9 grade separated interchanges
5 rest areas
Associate   Mouchel, U.K

Project Info

Project Info

Gulf Consult in association with Mouchel have been commissioned by the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) to undertake the Study, Design and Construction Supervision for the Construction and Maintenance of the Regional Road South Part (Section 1).

The Regional Road is to form part of the International Middle East Arab Highways Network, under the Development of the Integrated Transport System Program. The Highways Network will facilitate the growth of inter regional and international trade within the G.C.C states, as well as the increased public and private interest in the development of intermodal freight transportation and logistics facilities.

The Regional Road South Part is for a 200m reservation and will commence at Salmi Road, and continue in a south-west direction to Nuwaseeb.

It was initially thought that the Gulf International Railway should run parallel to the Regional Road, and connect to Kuwait Airport, Mina Al Shuhaibah Port, Subiya New Town, and the proposed Boubyan Port. A 150m corridor for a length of 265km has been reserved for this purpose.

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