Upgrading of 2nd and 3rd ring road

Client   Ministry of Public Works

Study and Engineering Design


Fees only

Data   Grade separated and Fly-over Structures, Traffic Modelling,
Traffic and Household Surveys, Troughs and Intersection re-design
Complete 2009
Associate   Parsons Brinckerhoff

Project Info

Project Info

Ministry of Public Works commissioned Gulf Consult in a joint venture with Parsons Brinckerhoff to upgrade the Second and Third Ring Road and Cairo and Damascus Streets. The upgrade required a Complete Traffic Count and Household Survey, an analysis of existing and future conditions and a redesign of all intersections along the project roads.

The traffic assignments and forecasts were carried out using SATURN, while the signal optimization and micro simulation were carried out using SYNCHRO and SIMTRAFFIC. Some of the proposed improvements included:


  1. Grade Separated Interchanges and Fly-overs
  2. Introduction of Round Abouts
  3. Troughs
  4. District Connections

The length of the Second Ring Road is 6.75 KM and passes entirely through residential areas, whereas Third Ring Road is 11.25km in length and passes through residential and commercial districts.

Damascus and Cairo street which are both perpendicular to Second and Third Ring Road are 4.75km and 4.65km in length and pass mostly through residential districts.

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