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MPW / MEW Headquarters

South Surra
Client   Ministry o Public Works

Design Review and Construction Supervision


KD 32.0 million

Office space : MPW 49,030 m
Office space : MEW 49,030 m2
Population MPW : 1,550
Population MEW : 1,340
Parking : 2125 cars
Completed 1997
Associate   None

Project Info

Project Info

The buildings house two of the largest Ministries employing over 2,850 personnel. The project was designed as two separate identical buildings, connected by landscaped gardens and sharing the underground central plant service facilities.

Underground and surface car parks can accommodate over 2,125 cars in a landscaped setting containing over 300 date palms and 10,000 shrubs.

Work had commenced on con­struction immediately before the invasion. Following liberation, Gulf Consult undertook a full review of the project design, and carried out redesign of the electrical and me­chan‚Äčical services, structural design and landscaping.

Subsequently Gulf Consult was responsible for supervision of the construction of the project over a three year programme.

The basement of the project is designed as a shelter of Class C-6.

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