Boubyan Island Master Plan

Client   DIZART

Environmental Data Collection and Impact Assessment, Economic and Planning Studies


Two year comprehensive study and master plan for the two islands

Completed 2005
Associate   HOK, Canada
Mouchel, U.K

Project Info

Project Info

Boubyan Island is a large uninhabited island lying to the north of Kuwait at its border with Iraq. Some 30 km x 40 km in area, it is larger than the State of Bahrain.

The Council of Ministers commissioned our Joint Venture to undertake a one year study of Boubyan and Warba Islands' land and marine life, in order to form an environmental data base against which to then prepare land use options for the future.

The environmental monitoring found that Boubyan Island is a haven for many forms of wildlife, providing a rich breeding ground for fish and shrimp. Furthermore the northern part of Boubyan is home to resident and migrant bird populations of international significance.

Thus, the Master Plan proposed to maintain most of the Island's land in the north to protect existing flora and fauna from development and constrained development to three locations:

1. Lake Boubyan Development, a residential development with an estimated population of 69,500.
2. The Seaport, including the Free Trade and Light Industry area.
3. Ten Resort Complexes along a 20 kilometer stretch of beach along the south of the island.

The project was carried out as a Joint Venture between HOK (Canada) and Gulf Consult, in association with Mouchel Parkman and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

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