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Failaka Island Master Plan

Client   Failaka Development Consortium on behalf of Mega Projects Administration

Master Planning, Architecture and Engineering


Fees only

Land : 1,568 Hectares
Built Area : 1,591,264 m2
Units : 7,382
Population : 31,900
Completed 2005
Associate   HOK Canada
Mouchel (UK)

Project Info

Project Info

Gulf Consult was commissioned to act as Lead Consultant for a design team including HOK (Canada) and Mouchel (UK) to undertake master planning and concept design for one of only three Development Consortia submitting BOT proposals for the Development of Failaka.

Failaka Island is a unique resource for Kuwait. Located just 20 kilometres from Kuwait City, the island exists in splendid isolation from the rest of the country, currently providing a day-trip and weekend retreat for tourists and residents. The island was once a thriving community but since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, it has never been re-occupied by the local population.

The design commission was for a six month period and comprised preparing a design master plan for the whole island (illustrated here) and the planning and urban design of six self contained resort villages as family oriented tourist attractions.


  1. Al Zour Village
  2. Al Sayadeen Village
  3. Adventure Island
  4. Marina Village
  5. Dolphin Cove
  6. Al Waha Eco Resort

The Failaka Island Master Plan offers a wonderful attraction for the entire family and both a window to Kuwait history - ancient and recent, and a view of Kuwait's future as an active and environmentally responsible society.

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