Shuwaikh Master Plan Update

Shuwaikh Industrial Area
Client   Kuwait Municipality

Survey, Analysis and Plan Preparation


Fees only

Data   25 km­2 Study Area
Completed 1997
Associate   Atkins, UK

Project Info

Project Info

Gulf Consult in association with WS Atkins of the UK were commissioned by the Kuwait Municipality to undertake Stage 2 of the Shuwaikh Area Study - Update of Plans.

Shuwaikh is Kuwait’s largest area of non oil related industry and warehousing and additionally, in 1995, was rapidly growing as a retail shopping area.

The study involved planning and traffic studies of the area, to test future options for development and physical improvement.

In addition extensive studies were carried out to prepare detailed zoning plans and development plans for implementation for each of the area’s seven super blocks. This included an overall phasing program of 20 years, with three phasing periods, each consisting of a series of development packages.

The Project entailed sophisticated traffic modelling and the development of a comprehensive GIS data base.

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