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Special Needs School Complex

Hawally, Fintas and Jahra
Client   Ministry of Public Works(MPW)

Full Engineering Services and Construction Supervision

Hawally Complex : KD 140 million
Fintas Complex : KD 100 million
Jahra Complex : KD 130 million
Hawally Complex : 400,000 m2
Fintas Complex : 315,000 m2
Jahra Complex : 400,000 m2
Associate   Langdon Wilson International (LWI)

Project Info

Project Info

Gulf Consult in association with Langdon Wilson International (LWI) were commissioned to provide planning and design services for the new Special Needs Schools Complex Project. This project will provide Special Needs School facilities for a projected 9000 students on three separate campuses located in Hawally, Fintas and Jahra, with 3000 students per campus.

The Special Needs Schools Project for Kuwait will be a comprehensive campus serving a broad mix of special needs students, including:



Down Syndrome Physically Handicapped

Mentally Handicapped

Deaf Students

Blind Students

From an educational and facility design perspective, this combination of exceptionalities on the same site offers a unique opportunity to comprehensively address the special differences required to serve each different student along with the opportunity to benefit by clustering common educational programs in a fashion that will link the common element of learning that also exist between all exceptional students.

Planning, design and tender Phase services on the Project for Stage 1 will be provided by the Consultant Team (LWI/GC) over a two year period. Stage 2 of the Project will involve Construction Supervision.

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